Welcome to SPUDSVILLE!

If we had to say who we are in one sentence – we strive to be the COLLEGE HUMOUR of Vancouver with our sketch comedy while simultaneously creating original, often genre-bending short films – and eventually features/TV shows. We are a community of filmmakers who specialize in creating high quality entertainment. We have won multiple awards and have been selected as finalists in some of Vancouver’s top short film festivals such as Crazy8’s, MAMM, Run N’ Gun, Vancouver Short Film Festival, Vancouver Horror Show, and Vancouver Badass Film Festival.

Originating in late 2019, we were nothing more than a couple of passionate artists with a love for film and comedy. We rallied up some friends in the industry together, whipped out our iPhones, and made stuff that we found funny. With every piece of content that we put out into the world, we grew as artists. Now, our community has grown substantially. Our team consists of industry-grade professional actors, writers, cinematographers, editors, producers, directors – anyone needed to create a high quality piece of entertainment.

Our goal is to grow SPK to a point where every talented individual involved can create content – whether it be films, TV shows, or advertisements – that they are proud of for a living.

The Co-Founders

Jessey James Nelson


Jessey, a versatile Canadian filmmaker from Vancouver, BC, excels in directing, writing, producing, and acting. His notable short film “CRUMBS” was selected by the Vancouver Crazy 8’s Film Society in 2021 and is set to be released as a comic book in early 2023.

Alongside his brother Cody and filmmaker friend Filip Zivanovic, Jessey co-founded the Smashed Potato Kids (SPK) sketch comedy crew in 2019. As a co-director, he contributed to the success of sketches like “Zoom Bombing Mormons” and “No Hug Policy,” showcased at the San Diego Film Festival in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Recently, Jessey collaborated with filmmaker Dani Barker on the acclaimed short film “AI ARTIST,” now in development as an anthology series after being recognized as a Top 10 Finalist at the RUNWAY AI FILM FESTIVAL.

W. Cody Nelson


Cody, a seasoned filmmaker based in Vancouver, brings over 9 years of post-production experience to his work. As a Freelance Director/Editor, he has demonstrated his versatility by working on various projects, including short films, e-sports, music videos, and advertisements.

Collaborating with his brother, Jessey, they have co-directed acclaimed short films like “Thicker Than Blood,” “Crumbs,” “No Hug Policy,” and “Zoom-Bombing Mormons.” Cody’s exceptional directing and editing skills have earned recognition from clients such as Free Label, Be Ultimate, and RÜ Supply, where he has crafted compelling advertisements.

Beyond film and advertising, Cody is a co-founder of the comedy sketch group, Smashed Potato Kids, showcasing his talent as a writer, director, and actor. Their successful live show has paved the way for future performances, further solidifying their comedic prowess. With a passion for storytelling and meticulous attention to detail, Cody continuously pushes creative boundaries and eagerly embraces new challenges in both traditional filmmaking and sketch comedy.

Filip Zivanovic


Filip Zivanovic, a dynamic filmmaker from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, began his journey as an actor after completing a combined degree in education and fine arts at the University of Calgary. He trained at renowned acting studios across North America, immersing himself in scene study classes and improv.

Fate intervened when he teamed up with the Nelson Bros in 2019, forming the Smashed Potato Kids (SPK) and discovering his true passion as a producer, writer, and director. Filip’s artistic versatility flourished as he delved into filmmaking, resulting in an impressive portfolio of self-written and directed shorts and sketches showcased at festivals like “Follow Me,” “Lovely Mary,” and “Party’s Over.” He also gained valuable experience as an actor and producer, collaborating with a community of talented artists.

Currently, Filip is juggling multiple endeavors, including a collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Dani Barker to create a TV show centered around a surreal body swap on Valentine’s Day. With his distinctive voice and imaginative storytelling, Filip takes on the role of writer and stars alongside Devyn Dalton.


At The Rio Theatre

On April 11, 2023, we put on our very first multimedia live show – “Welcome to Spudsville” – where we showcased the talents of our expansive group of artists through a unique blend of original unreleased filmed sketches that played on the big screen, live theatre staged skits, stand-up comedy, and full blown musical dance numbers. The show was a massive success. The plan is to make SPK: The Live Show an annual event moving forward in Vancouver, and eventually, across North America.